The aim of the article is to marc some tendencies in the development of the land use and the land relationships in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the transformation in the 90s in was affected by political reasons. “Natural restitution” was chosen for the agriculture. The fragmentation of the land ownership proceeded further. This process negatively affected the model of the land use and resulted in the bipolar agriculture. Many small farms are taking care of a small part of the agricultural land. On the contrary small number of big farms are cultivating extremely big areas.
Structural changes with unbalanced character are occurring in agriculture after joining of the EU 27. The share of the crops and technical cultures is expanding at the expense of the growing of fruits, vegetables and livestock. They are supported us sensitive branches in the framework of the CAP 2014+. This problem is a consequence of the Bulgarian land use and reflects the undeveloped relationships typical for the Bulgarian agriculture.



transformation, land use, land relationships, CAP 2014+



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