Ebru Ibish
Verica Nedelkovska


The development of technology has direct effects to many areas of society. This concept brings so many advantages, such as communication flexibility and availability of information, as well as disadvantages, such as personal data abuse, which is the one of the main hypothesis of the article. Bank management refers to the process of managing the Bank’s statutory activity, the financial relations which are connected with banking activities and other relations in banking sector that are part of banking management too. In this article so many examples shows firstly the relation between the two branches of science: the law and the economy, more precisely the abusing personal data of clients and committing economic crime. Economic crime covers a wide range of offenses, from financial crimes committed by banks, tax evasion, illicit capital heavens, money laundering, crimes committed by public officials (like bribery, embezzlement, traffic of influences, etc.) among many others. Today banking system is sophisticated and it gives opportunity to clients to take a control of their own bank account anytime by the electronic banking system, this system brings positive and negative sides. Firstly big advantage is that every client can have transparency, good communication, effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality from the bank but on the other side there are disadvantages such as abusing the personal data of the costumers by hackers and in many cases by the bank officers.

Key words

bank; management; crime; abuse; technology.

JEL Codes: G21


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