This study mainly deals with the types of social activities of the BOC in the last two decades after the political and social changes in the Bulgarian society, and pays special attention to the promotion of good initiatives and practices in the sphere of social charitable activity developed by both the Bulgarian dioceses and the neighboring local Orthodox churches. In general, there are good initiatives and good practices for social action by individual church structures or individual church officials, but unfortunately at the national level, the Church suffers from the lack of in-depth analysis of opportunities and deficiencies in the deployment of this kind of activities, as well as from "The lack of a specific strategy for the development of the basic guidelines of church social service." [1] The Christian charity-centered activity here is characterized by several basic strands, which cover only some more important directions, without claiming exhaustiveness in the presentation of such a kind of social service by church officials, their followers and passomas.

Key words

social activity and function, charity and church-charity activity, social mission of the church, vulnerable groups of the population.

JEL Codes: Z12, Z13


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