Transformational leadership is a central approach to leadership and has a key position in the new theory related to leadership as a process, regardless of the activity. Leaders to be successful and functional, timely need to start understanding and acceptance of change and to develop the potential they have, which will contribute to the success of the organization.
It is thought that transformational leadership only lead to fundamental changes in the organization. Individuals who have made significant contributions to their organizations and their personal vision and energy to inspire followers are called charismatic or transformational leaders. They are able to influence the creation of change, not only to adapt to them.
In times of globalization, uncertainty and crisis task of leaders is to keep abreast of developments, to upgrade and adapt to changing conditions in the environment, in order to successfully cope with the competition and achieve competitive advantage.


Key words

transformational leadership, leadership, social environment, organization, change.


JEL Codes: M12



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