In pursuing specific options for resolving problems and unthreading conflicts, which accompany the development of modern tourism it is necessary to elaborate, perceive and implement in the touristic practice two modern concepts: for development of sustainable tourism and those for alternative tourism. The concept for the development of the alternative forms of tourism, complements the concept for the development of the sustainable tourism. n this article it shows an historical overview of the beginning and development of rural tourism, both in global and regional scale. Evolution of the definition of this concept is traced as well as the modern understanding of the nature of rural tourism, showing some of major problems in its development. A significant part of the article discusses the problems of the development and special features of rural tourism in Greece. Also, there were considered the local specific features of this form of alternative tourism. There have been some recommendations, particularly on cross-border cooperation in this field. Rural tourism is viewed as a meant for mobilizing the economy of small villages and municipalities, overcoming the problems of employment of local population, etc.


Key words

economic crisis, state measures, hotel industry, business communication strategy, guest service efficiency



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