The social and economic situation in the beginning of the XXI century is a dynamic combination of constantly altering components. In this active and competitive environment the creation of a successful corporate design, of adequate corporate concept in terms of place and time is a very complex and multilevel, creative and economic activity in which managers, economists, marketing experts and designers take part.
The quality and level of visual communication should be a priority for the companies. The recognition of the company and its product “at first sight” shows us the strength of the relation “customer-product-manufacturer”. The existence of such relation suggests a strong and visible system of visual and communicative elements, which in their simultaneous action build the company’s image and unique style in the customer’s consciousness. The elements of corporate design not only inform the customer but also help in conceiving esthetic experience, feeling of satisfaction, pride and prestige of using a certain corporate product or service.
The creation of a visual corporate language trough the methods and means of design facilitates the development of the communication between the company and the world. This communication is achieved through many visible components: corporate sign, corporate documentation, corporate advertisement, including big billboards, stelae, brochures, catalogues, calendars, prospects, maps, schemes, uniform, pictograms and many other. All of these components present the company, advertise its specific product and help in achieving successful communication with the clients.


Key words

Style, corporate design, tourism, visual communication, company



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