In the present article the development of the human factor is examined by means of online education such as “open learning” and “distance learning”. It is usually voluntary and takes part of the personal spare time. Today the education and development are ranging over not only the development of the managing staff but also all the human resources.
The interest of the organizations toward online education and the development of the human resources have its deep reasons, caused by some of the features of the present economics. On the first place is the increasing competitiveness between the subjects in combination with permanent changes of the legislative basis and the organizational-managerial structures. Second place with not less significance is the adopting of new technique and technology. Last but not least the modern labour market is changing influenced by the demographical tendencies; accelerated aging of the human knowledge and skills etc.
The aim of the recent working out is to reveal the essence, advantages and disadvantages of the on-line education in comparison with the traditional forms of education, as well as to show the possibilities of its wider application in the development of the human factor.
The short historical review of its development is made till the very contemporary forms of the online education. It is combining the latest scientific achievements of the human thought and technology. That is a contemporary method of education which increasingly will draw the attention because of its advantages. Through on-line education it will be allowed faster and opportune assimilation of the good world practices, introducing of the modern technologies, knowledge, skills and experience. That is the way that it can be saved time and money and to increase the economical results.


Key words

distanced online education; spare time; human resources; education; qualification.



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