In the introduction of the report have been look at the role of budget of time for the needs of these sides of society life, which cannot be research with costs and natural indices, for example temporal characteristic of values. In the report have been take attention on the three basic groups of questions: human development; free time; factors, which has an influence in free time. The analyze of the problem is on the base of information of research of budgeting Bulgarian population in 2001. There are prepositions for: planing of budget of the time as an object of social policy; using new approachs in reorganizations of social time; analyzes of the role of biological and social rhythms in life of person and social groups and others.


Key words

human development; human capital; budget of time; free time; working time; flexible working time; time for home labour; time for physiological needs /sleep, food/; cycle of life; lump of time.


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