Revealing of factors that determine the level and dynamics of wage is a constant acting demand in the sphere of science and practice. The revealing and role of the factor social – economic policy that is ruled by the government, has an extraordinary priority in the system of factors that exercise influence on wage. The connection “social – economic policy of government” – “level and dynamics of wage” predestine the subject of our research. The author scrutinizes the problem from its methodological and normative – practical side. In the first aspect there is exposed the comprehension and point of view of number of leading philosophers, economists and politicians about the possible directions of the social – economic policy, that might be conducted by government. In fact, the emphasize of these directions predestines the best possible directions, the extreme boundaries to which a social – economic policy of the country might stretch. By revealing these statements, the author exposes the frame – the frame in which any one government might and has the chance to project and realize its concrete social – economic policy. On this basis, in this state there are pointed out and scrutinized the basic forms of this policy by the reflection that might have on the system of taxation, on the mechanism of the insurance fees, on the regulation of minimal wage and regulation of the industrial terms that includes ratification of the normative organization in collective labor stipulation. The key moments in this analysis are associated with concepts and categories like “Keynes postulates”, ”monetarists”, ”liberal trend in economics and egalitarism” in terms of methodology of government regulation, and on this basis of the concepts and categories “normatives of tax system”, ”revenues and outgoings of country budget”, ”normatives of the social – assurance fonds”, ”level and dynamics of minimal wage” and “the system of collective stipulation”. All they expose the practical demand of the government social – economic policy.


Key words

Government regulation of wage, social – economic policy, minimal wage, regulation of the industrial terms, collective labor stipulation, normative of the social – assurance funds


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