For several years now our capital has at a disposition two kinds of inner town transport. The construction of the first diameter of the metro and its putting into operation caused stopping of the tram platform from the Russian Ambassy to Darvenitsa residential area. The second diameter turned into unnecessary the platforms along the Lomsko shosse blvd. and partially along the Vitosha blvd., as well as the Cherni vruch blvd. At the same time exactly on the road – bed of the second diameter of the metro the work of the tram platform from the Central Station to Mariya Louisa blvd. in the center has been restored. The section from the first boulevard under the T. Alexandrov blvd. doubles the closely situated platforms along the Pirotska str. And along the Stamboliiski str. The construction of the third diameter of the metro on its actualized road-bed would not touch none of the functioning tram platforms. It's getting clear that in a parallel with the construction of the metro a great part of the tram platforms net of Sofia has been kept for now.


Key words

Integration, rail transport, Sophia


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