Historically, the wine is the best - old drink. Appeared in antiquity, it steadily accompanies humanity in all formations of its development. The wine is deep into the life of human being, and it, in turn, constantly strives to study its composition and applications. Too extensive research on the qualities and characteristics of the wine, its composition and its effect on the human body are performed in the middle of the last 20th century. Unfortunately, these results do not reach the masses, and therefore, in some societies still maintains that the wine is at the heart of one of the social vices - alcohol. Wine - themed literature, published so far, has not sufficient and does not offer timely information about social and health significance of wine and its multifaceted impact on people. The aim of this report is to highlight, those nutrients. Wine and applications that determine the prophylactic and curative applications.


Key words

Wine, social meaning, health meaning, phenols, prophylactics, medical means, heart deceases, French paradox



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