The new digital economy has drastically changed the manner, in which companies make business, and the way, in which the consumers perceive them. They base their assessment not only on the merchandise and services they are offered, but also on the degree, to which it is easy and pleasant to make business with a particular company. And each customer wants to be treated as the only customer. The customer relationship management system provides means of management at all phases of interrelation with the potential customers, consumers and partners of the company.
The Customer Relationship Management is a modernmanagement strategy embracing the processes for attraction, attendance and retaining of the particular customer. A cheaper, faster and better customer attendance could be achieved with the introduction of the CRM system. As a result the expenses will be reduced, new revenue will be generated, and the customers will be retained. This allows the establishment of an essentialand permanent competitive advantage. The relationship management is not only a software solution; it isan aggregate of skills and competence allowing the company to manage better and to gain advantage from any relation with its customers. In a situation of an economic stagnation, the competition is an indisputable fact and the competitive power based on the customer relations is more important than ever.


Key words

competitive power, customer relationship management system.



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