The assessment of the basic pay is a problem that includes items of the working position ratings, items of the professional, qualificational and business qualities of the employees and workers, and items of the practice for determination of the basic pay by working positions and ranks of the qualification. These three items are functionally connected, and they are conditioned. In practice, any lack of correspondence and misunderstanding between them decreases the chance to motivate staff and diminishes the process of production in companies. This question is of present interest in the conditions of financial independence of manufacturers, especially in the conditions of a competitive labour and commodity market, where the functioning of the market mechanisms demand and necessitate the use of totally new forms and means, as for the Bulgarian companies. In this connection, this state has a specific purpose – to point out the most appropriate means of co-ordination to achieve this combination. From this point of view, the author's endeavour is orientated firstly to the thorough analysis and demonstration of the basic pay's role; as well asto the thorough analysis of the means to achieve the most consummate and progressive organization of the labour and system for managing personnel. According to the author, these are the affirmative analytical systems for working duties estimation, that are developed on the basis of precise duty records, on the basis of contemporary systems for attestation of the employees, as well as on the basis of the most modern tables (scales) for determination of the basic pays.


Key words

basic pay, ratings, stimuls


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