It is evident that the topic of the present article is a paraphrase of the main slogan or motto of neoliberal contra-revolution which has begun since the beginning of the 90s under the names of “Reagonomics” and “Thatcherism” following the names of US president of that time and the UK prime-minister Margaret Thatcher. They were its pioneers and the slogan and motto of that time was: “More market and less state”. The main goal of the present paper is to show out and prove that market leads not only to less state, but also to lesser spirituality. And although it is a product of spirit, of ideas, market is not adequate to this spirit. It is in conflict with it and has an anti-spiritual nature and manifestation. A matter of analysis here, is precisely this paradox in regard to the fact that market, though a spiritual phenomenon, an artifact of itself, has an anti-spiritual effect.
The main task is to analyze the reasons and the negative consequences of this so called paradox, the consequences of which may appear fatal for man and mankind, if it is presumed, that man can become blind or only instinctive and the future post-man may cease to represent humanity itself.


Key words

market, spirituality, philosophical aspects



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