Today, the problems of business ethics and firms’ social responsibility attract the attention of the public and the research community. Serious research is in existence: there are theoretical and empirical studies in this area. They are mainly focused on business ethics in big corporations. The problems of business ethics of small business are still beyond the scope of researchers’ interest, and it is a substantial part of the economy of a country.
The present paper is devoted to the real dimensions of business ethics in small business. It discusses and analyses data of a research project on manifestations of business ethics in small business. Fundamental problems of business ethics have been examined on the basis of comparison and analysis of empirical data of two successive surveys among private businessmen such as businessmen’s notion of the object and place of business ethics, the ratio between ethic values and current legal norms, values, ethical standards in small business, moral responsibility, basic principles of business, moral conflicts, professionalism.
The results of the analysis have allowed the authors to draw relevant conclusions.


Key words

Business ethics, small business, ethical values, moral dimensions, moral responsibility, business principles, moral conflicts



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