The article briefly examines the problems standing in front of the Bulgarian national tourism advertising campaigns and tries to suggest respective solutions to these problems. The main problem that has been outlined is that Bulgaria lacks a recognizable image among the foreign audiences, i.e. among the international visitors and tourists. The symbols that are often considered to serve as a na tional emblem and authenticity marks by the Bulgarians are of little or no meaning for the interna tional travelers.
The interrelation between the emitting tourism markets in Western Europe, the overall economic situation in this part of the continent and the performance of the Bulgarian tourism industry has also been revealed.
Suggestions are being made in regard to emphasizing on the strong and attractive sides of the Bulgarian tourism such as the high quality spa and wellness industry, the opportunities of enjoying of wines which are virtually free of sulphates due to the geographical location of the country and etc.
Forecast are also being provided for needs of the target setting in the Bulgarian national tourism campaigns.


Key words

tourism marketing, tourism advertising, market situation analysis



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