The ageing is presented as a most important challenge of the new century and particularly regarding the European social and economical problems. This issue is of great meaning of Bulgaria being one between the five most old countries in the world. The point under discussion however is whether the present day old generation is in peace with the young generation or the existing contradictions make them enemy. It is mentioned the labour market supply of old workers with better qualification but less physical or mental capacities and the unemployment of the youths, as well the discrepancies between views on way of life of the young and older people as well as feeling of recognition and respect frequently lacking while the old people are in need in the family or the community. The authors insist on the human, thesis about necessity of harmonization of the divers generations life and point out the meaning of EU projects of research on ageing in Europe. They result in new knowledge about ageing regarded from gerontological, environment, socio-economic and cultural points of view. The most important project issue is the functioning of a special program of education and training FLARE (Future leaders of ageing research), preparing young people for participation in research and polity making and organization of social survey for aged people, theirs activities could be of help in regarding their well being and active healthy life of the old and good example of respect of old by the young generation.


Key words

population ageing, labour market, education and training



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