The globalization of socioeconomic development imposes the importance of searching and revealing the prime source, provoking the complex changes in the market area.
Through the recent years tourist markets differ with growing dynamic. The occurring tendencies submit number of questions with theoretical and practical interest to the process of strategic marketing planning and development of tourist structures. The fundamental organizational structures of the tourist market are tour companies. In their variety, they fulfill important productive and distribution functions, and contribute for the conclusion of tourist servicing process.
In the conditions of accelerated economic changes toward European market parameters Bulgarian tourism companies are up against new provocations, the revealing and mastering of which is possible only trough appropriated theoretical models and practical instruments, based on the principles of marketing management and mostly on the PR strategic approach. The lack of which in Bulgaria estrange tourism companies from the process of permanent change, observed in tourist market area and restrain the effectiveness of their activity and future development. By the means of their mutual relations it is possible to deduce the process of changes, occurring through the market area. Their adaptation to the tourism companies’ activity reveals new possibilities to meet constant market provocations.


Key words

globalization, tourism companies, marketing management, PR strategic approach, positive image



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