The changes of the global economic conditions are one of the major challenges that tourism faces. The growing importance of international competition transforms the tourism industry into a global one and boosts the process of formation of multinational organizations for tourism services. The quick changes in the tourist industry showed up in recent years. The great challenge, coming from the processes of globalization of tourism, is to provide those tourist products and services which are needed by the modern customer. This is essential because now it is the time of the fiercest competition in the history of tourism. One of the most important effects of the globalization is the increase of competition through the market expansion. In this changing environment companies cannot compete efficiently using static structures. The markets need organizational structures, which shall introduce flexibility in management, to function in constant evolution. Nowadays, tourist organizations shall perceive their activities as a part of one global market in connection with the opportunities this market offers as well as in connection with the growing competition. This suggests the presence of foreign multinational companies on their local market. Therefore, the active or passive strategy for internationalization becomes one of the most important decisions for the tourist companies.


Key words

international competition, globalization of tourism, organizational structures, flexibility, global market, strategy for internationalization



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